Emaki Artist. Born in Okayama prefecture,Japan. Bachelor's degree in physics
major at Chuo University, department of science and engineering in 1983.
While enrolled in school, studied under Mr.Buichi Terasawa and made his carrier
as director of Terasawa's production.
In 1989, started as an independent artist. Made his debut in Color Comic Magazine
"A-ha" issue 4 with, "Clown with Blue Nose" a serial publication in 1990.
Published Print collection, "RYU TOU YA", published by Treville in 1994.
Published Print collection, "Emaki Sangokushi", published by Koei Publishing in 1997.
Published Print collection, "Suiko-One O Eight Outlaws", published by Graphic-sha
Publishing in 1999.
CD-ROM "The Water Margin-The Chinese Traditional Story", published by XSIV in
In 2003, took charge of the dresser of the movie "The Promise" which is schedule of
opening to the public by Director, Chen Kaige known by "Farewell To My Concubine"
or"The Emperor & The Assassin" etc..
The 4th Published Print collection, "Romance of Three Kingdoms" published by
Kaisei Publishing in 2006.