Born in Tokyo. East Asian history major at university.
Left for Sian, China as Japanese teacher.
Debut work, "Mysterious story of Sangokushi" (by Koei publisher).
Took charge of the story of "EMAKI SANGOKUSHI"(by Koei Publisher) and
"Suiko One O Eight Outlaws"(by Graphic-sha).
Main works are: "Tian-Er/Rainbow in the yellow ochre" by Shoden-sha,
"RYU-YO、SOUTEN-NI-MAE" by Koei Publisher,
"The lions of ocher" by Koei Publisher, etc.
Main books are: "GENSOU-KOUBOU-SHI" by Gakken,
"Suikoden / TENDOU 108 SEI KOUKAN FILE" by Koei Publisher.